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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  January 22, 2013 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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regime and a great power of the time came to our aid. more than a century later when we were called to arms in europe we answered saying lafayette, we are here. we remembered what had been done more than 100 years later. this is now the arab states lafayette moment so that when syria right to self for 100 years this is the country will remember that we were there when we needed them. if we don't take this step we leave that role to the terrace, and nothing that would be a real shame. >> tonight on c-span2 set leaders discussed their agenda for the 113th congress. president obama and vice-president biden attend the national prayer service at the washington national cathedral. ..
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we will holdfast for a strong
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. >> it passed on a bipartisan basis here. it is an important piece of legislation that has expired. we must pick up the farm bill. which is a revolutionary piece of legislation that will save the country up to $24 billion. we will again take things up for the united states postal service and make things whole. also the victims of hurricane sandy. these were debated in the senate. we have to take prevent costumes and preventions before another
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hurricane sandy. thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed in new york, new jersey, and new england, and 10,000 americans were left homeless. we have a responsibility to rebuild their lives and their communities. as we have done with those who are victims of fire and other natural disasters and other parts of the nation. we will consider changes to the senate rules. because this is a matter of additional debate, we reserve the right of all senators to oppose changes to the senate rules. it is my intention that the senate rules are continued and allow these important rules discussion to continue. i'm hopeful am cautiously optimistic that the republicans and democrats can reach an
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agreement to manage the senate more effectively in coming months. >> republican leader? >> mr. president, i want to start by co want to start by congratulating president obama on his inauguration. presidential inauguration to always time for the country to come together. we all feel a certain pride in the event and we are reminded of how fortunate we are to live in a nation where we have the ability to choose our leaders freely and resolve our differences in peace. inauguration day is also a time for new beginnings. a chance to learn from the mistakes and missed opportunities of the past as we reengaged and some vitally important debates about the future. too often over the past four years, apolitical consideration
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has trumped the need to put our country on a sound financial footing in the past two prosperity. today we recommit ourselves to face the problems head-on. i understand that the passions of an election can sometimes overshadow the governor. the presidential campaign is now behind us. it is my hope that the president will finally be willing to do what republicans have been asking him to do since his first inauguration, four years ago. that is to work with us on identifying durable solutions to the problems that we can was altogether set aside those things we can't agree on and focus on what we can agree on. we should start with spending and debt. if we don't get a handle on that him and nothing else matters. we don't work together to strengthen our entitlement programs, they will go bankrupt.
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it will render worthless the promise that we have built. the president said yesterday that these programs free us to take the risk that make our country great. it would also strengthen and protect us now. in a few years they simply won't be there in their current form. if we don't work together to control the debt, the cost of our interest payments alone will eventually crowd out funding for things we all agree on. from defense infrastructure and assistance for those who need it most. there is growing debt and it is much more than just numbers on a page. it is about jobs lost and dreams
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deferred. that's why there is no more time to waste. the debt grew by more than $6 billion. we saw the president last republicans for doing their jobs. and senate democrats propose one. rather than work with us to save existing entitlements, we saw them struggling to cost the programs that we already have. our problems have only gotten worse. but that was the first term. the second term presents the opportunity to do things differently. in the senate, that means a return to regular order. later this week the house plans
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to address the debt limit in a timely manner. once we get it, the senate should quickly respond. if the senate version is different than one house sends over, senate to congress. that is what we do for legislating. i know a lot of democrats are afraid of the process that exposes their priorities, particularly on spending and debt. after nearly four years of refusing to pass a budget, they reluctantly agreed to pass a spending plan in the coming fiscal year. all i will say is that since it has been settled, i'm sure the american people are eager to see what other ideas we have to bring down our ruinous debts. americans will no longer tolerate an attitude that indicates to put our work off until the last minute. they are tired of 11th hour deals.
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tired of careening from crisis to crisis and so on. the good news is i hope some of my friends will agree there is value in this body. actually functioning the way it was intended to. let's face it, the status quo is not working. the senate is not functioning as it should and it has nothing to do with the process that has served us well for a long time. if we work together and try to avoid some of the bad habits that have developed around here, i believe that we will be able to achieve the kind of solutions that have eluded us for the last four years and liver some positive results for the people who sent us here with time to spare. we can do better. i know my constituents expect better than what they have been getting from congress in recent years and so should we. i yield the floor,
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mr. president. >> also today, party leaders talk to capitol hill reporters about their political agendas. we will hear first from republican mitch mcconnell. this is 20 minutes. >> one thing that is pretty clear from the president's speech yesterday is the era of liberalism is back. unabashedly far left of center. it certainly brings back memories of the democratic party and if president pursues that kind of agenda, it will be done not to bring us together or deal with our generation, which is deficit and debt. until we fix that problem, we cannot leave behind for our kids
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the kind of america that appears lapine for us. 1364 days since democrats last brought the subject of the senate floor. many of our colleagues don't even remember debating the budget on the floor and unfortunately our national debt, which now exceeds $16.4 trillion, $52,000 for every man and woman and child in america demonstrates the failure of that policy, if you could call it that. i would like to congratulate the house for directing people's attention to bring a budget to the floor. and i think the appropriate sanction is no budget and no
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pay. i believe that sends a good message. everybody understands the importance of having a budget of the family of small business and they understand that that is what causes that contributes to the federal government continuing to spend money it does not have, the mortgaging our children's future. thanks to the house of representatives for bringing this to the country's attention and we look forward to taking up the budget here and having a vigorous debate of america's future. >> the words of spending and that probably were not included in that speech and we happen to believe the biggest threat is runaway government spending.
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that we are piling on the backs of future generations of americans. since april 2009, we hope that the president will focus on what is important in this country important to the american people. those are the types of things that we are anxious to work with this president on. but what we have heard very little of in his speech yesterday. on election night, the president spoke and he said that we want our children to go up and world where they are not burdened by debt. that was election night. the president said spending is not a problem.
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and they said set in the absence of an agreed and credible deficit reduction plan that the united states would be downgraded with regard to credit. in spite of the fact the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the greatest threat to our national security was our debt. so democrats are now going to have to make a choice that spending is not a problem. burying them under this mountain of debt. i just got back where people will continue to be very concerned about the debt and realize that it's not just them, but their children and grandkids and the chance for freedom and opportunity is lessened.
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i just want to mention two things over the weekend. one was the announcement that the obama campaign was essentially going to transition to a a not-for-profit to do the same thing to campaign there. frankly the last four years did not produce the kind of results i would think that the president would want to produce and seems to me he doubled down on the strategy of the last four years. one of the spokespeople said that we must not limit ourselves to solving problem. if the president has given up on the system, that's a bad sign. we need to work together, i didn't hear a lot of that in a speech yesterday. in fact, i thought the speech yesterday was bereft of a number of things, a lot of us believe we need to move towards a solution that can happen rather than talk about things that
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cannot possibly be achieved if we are going to solve the problems the country faces. >> i think the greatest responsibility we have as american citizens, it is to make certain that the american dream can be lived by those who follow us. in my view, the greatest that we have to be able to pursue the american dream in america is the debt and deficit. we have no choice but to deal with these issues and we would be thought of as irresponsible not raise the debt ceiling. especially in the absence of changing the way we do business here, starting with the approval of a the budget. it is thought to be compassionate to spend money that is not yours that is the next-generation? for our country to have growth and economic opportunity, there is no question that it is a drag
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on that opportunity. we have a chance to right this wrong. >> is on the senate budget committee and i can tell you that the most disappointing part is it about not doing a budget for this country in the senate. it is incredibly disappointing and it blows my mind that the senate democrats have not been willing. senators have talked about the fact that the ipad is in existence. most of my life we have not had a budget and prioritizing spending. when i think about that, i know it is about him. because we can do a budget for this company and we can't prioritize benning have a fiscal
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blueprints make sure that we get ourselves on the responsible path, it is about all of us, my son, every child in this nation, what future and opportunities they will have in this great country. >> okay, we will take questions. >> let me reiterate what i think is pretty clear to everyone. new year's eve, the taxes went up for everybody in the night. senate senate republicans in the majority of the house voted to make 99% of the bush tax cuts permanent, thereby preventing
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another event like new year's eve. that came about because the law sunsetted. i would eventually say there is not a single republican vote in the house or senate to provide more revenue and the reason for that is we all know that revenue is not the problem. $200,000, or $250,000 per couple, this is not a revenue problem, this is a spending problem. so yes, the revenue issue is behind us. and whatever new taxes the president is going to get, he got by operation of law on new year's eve and we now going to focus on the real problem is not
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that we taxed too little, but that we spend too much. and yes, that is where we are. >> [inaudible question] >> i have a couple thoughts about the debt ceiling in general. it's been used 20 times since the 1950s for major spending reform. you will remember the clinton republican congress deficit reduction package.
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are calling senate democrats run the senate to follow the regular order. the debt ceiling can originate from either house. the senate finance committee could generate a gut feeling proposal. it would be incumbent upon the senate majority to function. what is their idea about raising the debt ceiling. we look forward to seeing what the democrats recommend. look forward to seeing what they recommend and it's time for them to function.
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[inaudible conversations] >> i'm sure that we would be happy to try to take a look at what the majority leaders would bring forward in the senate. >> would you think of the substance of the president's inaugural address remark. >> well i, i think that inaugural address was disappointing. it is basically a liberal agenda.
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spending and debt is the definition of our era. >> welcome back, everyone. this is the first time we have sat down together as a group. and we have our agenda for the coming months and this congress. the site entrance excited to see all these new senators.
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we now have more female members serving than ever before. about a third of our caucuses are made up of women. as we deal with each of them, democrats are guided by a single principle, do what we can to protect the middle class. the american public knows that we are on our side and share their values and we are aware of the enormous trust placed in us. i hope in the coming months we can do with the american people expect us to do and improve the daily lives of everyday americans.
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i had a meeting with republican leaders today and i'm hopeful and cautiously optimistic that we will be able to come up with something soon. any questions you have on the budget, patty murray is the person to ask and i haven't had time to sit down and discuss the details. i'm going to do that this evening with my staff and her staff. [inaudible] the house budget bill. the debt ceiling. i'm very glad that they are
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going to send us a clean the debt ceiling bill. [inaudible] >> a call during the recess senator leahy. he is a person that everyone knows that is an avid second amendment rights guy. he floridly indicated that there had to be more done with background checks. he said specifically that there was no reason to have certain
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weapons to go hunting. this is an issue that we need to talk about. what i hope we can do is have a bill reported on the judiciary committee. may not be what everyone wants, but will have some stuff that's really important. my response to that is the same response as before. i am happy that they have a gut feeling that is not tied to entitlement cuts and that is a big step in the right direction. the other stuff is that senator patty murray will be the next person on the and we will see how she wants to proceed.
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she is experienced legislator and chairman of the super committee and i have full faith in her. >> [inaudible question] newspapers across the country called a liberal speech. [inaudible question] >> a liberal speech? i really don't know what that means. i listened to the speech. it was nice yesterday. the last few inaugurations were so cold. i thought it was a really good speech. people can criticize president obama about a lot of things, but not his ability to communicate. i think he communicated a message of hope and action and i
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liked it very much. i think we should move past the name calling. i have had some private meetings with senator mcconnell during the recess. we had another meeting today. i hope in the next 24 hours we can get something we agree on. if not, we are going to move forward on what i think needs to be done. the caucus will support them. [inaudible question] >> tell me what you mean by debt limit? >> do you think you can ask the question better than they can? [laughter]
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okay. i repeat that i am glad the debt ceiling is not an issue that we need to address now. the debt ceiling is not what it did for a while. we have many months work through this. senator patty murray is going to be my lead on the budget. senator baucus is going to be my lead on the debt ceiling. [inaudible conversations] >> outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton will be on capitol hill tomorrow to answer questions about the september 11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. it resulted in the deaths of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador. at 9:00 a.m. eastern, she will testify at a senate foreign relations committee hearing. at 2:00 p.m., she will be at the house foreign affairs committee. we will have full coverage on
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c-span3 and >> villagers have always meant a lot of time fighting irregular warfare. those terms don't make a heck of a lot of sense. that is one of the big takeaways that i have been doing six years of reading and research for this book. the way we think about this is it's all messed up. we think that somehow, conventional warfare is the norm. it is how these conventional armies slug it out in the open. the reality is those have always been the exception. just think about the more modern world. what was the last mentioned were that we saw? this is a hard question to answer. in fact, it was the russian invasion of georgia in 2008, which didn't last very long. all of the world today, there are people who are dying in war, whether it is afghanistan or syria or congo or many other countries. all of these people are victims by unconventional warfare.
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>> this weekend, we feature max boot and his book "invisible warfare." booktv on c-span2. >> this is the inaugural prayer service. it is an hour and a half.
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>> buenos diaz. we welcome you to washington. [speaking in native tongue] >> it is our great pleasure to extend a warm and big welcome to everyone to this house of prayer for all people. [speaking in native tongue] >> although we have distinct traditions and speak different languages, we are united in our shared desire for peace and for goodwill for the entire human community.
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>> welcome to our house. god be merciful unto us. that you are goodness may be known upon earth. let the people praise you, oh, god. blessed be the one holy and living god.
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live graciously mighty god upon this land. where you find pride, subdue it. we're there is an e-commerce supplier. where it is an error, rectify it. where it is in default, restore it. and where that is just and compassionate toward the poor and portable of every race and background in our nation, support it. and the mighty and matchless name of jesus i pray, amen.
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[national anthem being sung] ♪
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>> seek the lord wills to be found. call upon the lord who draws near. let the wicked forsake their
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ways and let them turn to the lord who will have compassion and to our god, who will pardon. my thoughts are not your thoughts. nor are your ways my ways. says the lord. whereas the heads heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. as rain and snow fall from the heavens and return on again but watered the earth, bringing forth life and see for selling and bread for eating. so is my word that goes forth
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from my mouth and it will not return but it will accomplish that which i have purpose and prosper in that. for which i sent it. the word of the lord. >> gracious as the lord is righteous. the lord watches over and calls upon us to watch over the
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innocent. turn again to him, my soul. you have rescued my life from death and my eyes from tears and my feet from stumbling. i believe even when i said i had been brought so low how shall i repay the lord for all the good that he has done for me? i will fulfill my balance to the
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lord in the presence of all of god's people. the ♪ [chior singing] ♪
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>> faithful dog, except the fervor and prayers of all your people. and the multitude of your mercies, look with compassion upon us and all who turn to you for help. let us pray for those charged with the governance of our nation. >> striven hearts of barack obama and joe biden. grant them and uphold them that they made this charge of their duties in the full life of your divine grace.
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keep this nation under your care. here our voice and to provide for the common good. give them the vision to care for your creation. lead them to willingly to fill obligations in a community of nations. keep this nation and your care. stir up the passion and reverence of the justices of the supreme court, for the rule of law in the way of justice. though there judgment with integrity and insight.
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keep this nation under your care. .. in all things, your will may be done. it is prey the lord.
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>> thanks be to god. >> a reading from saint paul's second letter to the corinthians. it is god who said, let light shine out of darkness, who has shown in our heart, to give the rate of the knowledge of the glory of god in the face of jesus christ. but we have this treasure in clay jars. so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to god and does not
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compromise. we are afflicted in day, but not crushed. perplexed, but not driven to does there. persecuted, but not forsaken. struck down, but not destroyed. always carrying in the body the death of jesus so that the life of jesus may also be made visible in our bodies. the word of the lord. >> thanks be to god.
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[speaking yiddish] [speaking arabic] [speaking arabic] [speaking arabic]
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[silence] >> compassion peter nehr two those who call upon your name in the course of daily life, work and surveys. you calling giveth work for joy and embodies concern neighbors. make us glad and grateful for the strength to serve you and our neighbor. let us pray for those who cure any form of service offered themselves and devotion to our
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nation. >> almighty god, we commend to your care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad. granddad a sense of your abiding presence. strength and that in trial and temptation, defend them in places of danger and peril. sustain them in their courage and dedication. give us grace to do your will and all we undertake. god of creation, we pray for all who work in places of danger, who rushed in to bring help and comfort, who offer hope when others flee to safety. keep them under your watchful eye, that they may continue to save lives, ease pain and by
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their presence, mandatory fabric of lies and social order. give us grace to do your will and all that we undertake. almighty god, blessed are people who govern in every place. in still in the leaders of state and school board, counties and cities, ports and agencies of the disposition to use their authority for the betterment of all people of this nation. in the name and she says, give us grace to do your will and all that we undertake. >> gave to all the people of our land to desire to serve you in their life and vocation.
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mayor presence be manifest in all that we say and do. we've together the work of every hand in the commitment of every heart for we recognize our interdependence, i responsibilities to one another in the mutuality of our destiny. let us pray to the lord. >> thanks be to god. [silence] >> a reading from the gospel according to matthew.
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[speaking in spanish] jesus had, you are the salt of the earth. [speaking in spanish] but if salt has lost its taste, how can it saltiness be restored? it is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled underfoot. [speaking in spanish] you all are the light of the world. a city built on a hill cannot behave and no one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket but on the lampstand and it gives light to all in the house. [speaking in spanish]
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in the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father in heaven [speaking in spanish] the word of the lord. new smart ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [silence] >> .of love, help us widen the boundaries of our heart. you know us better than we know ourselves. the distinctions we make, the biases we hold, the ways in which we fail to manifest her greatest potential as we diminish ourselves and others that they're impatient, lack of
9:21 pm
compassion and vision, lack of hope. give depth to our faith. but her actions bear witness to the expansiveness of your mercy. grant us the grace to love our neighbors and to love ourselves. we pray that you bring your presence among us as life and holy inspiration. >> challenge as, god, that even as we love our own country you would have us develop a global perspective. in your eyes, the world is her neighborhood. grant us every necessary grace to love our neighbors as ourselves. open our eyes to see the
9:22 pm
life-giving and the good in every person and in every place and its neighbors become friends, may we work to restore the wonder of the world you have made. lets all his lies are closely linked with hours. cause us to put our bodies and souls in motion in the spirit of our brother, martin, on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised, the war and in, the bruised and deflected. and renew our capacity for mercy. fashion a nice atrium for our time, powerful enough to transform the lives of all those who you love and for the well-being of all that you have
9:23 pm
made. blessed whose lives are closely linked with hours. >> that we may love one another as you love us. >> colla suturing artists and artisans, preachers and profit, laborers and the belabored who hold aloft a lamp if your truth and a world way too willing to settle for dirt nice. give it such a heart for the newness that you would bring that all lesser things will fail to satisfy. bless those whose lives are closely linked with hours >> that we may love one another as you love us. >> open our hearts, god of all, to pray for those who will face in a great decision, for all who
9:24 pm
will engage in settling the affairs of host and of nations. for all who mold public opinion in our time, for all who write what others will read, send us forth to work another day surrounded by your loving kindness, pledged in faithful service, standing in your strain and not our own. as former things pass away, god, make all things new. let us pray to the lord. >> thanks be to god.
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♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] >> you may be seated.
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mr. president, madam first lady, vice president and dr. biden, on her desk, leaders and governments in the business community and religious community, it's a privilege to be with you today and be sharing especially on the occasion of the second inauguration. over the last two weeks i've been praying a lot. god, what would you have me say to these remarkable people? the first thing was simply thank you. a friend of violence told me, there's three reasons why people seek public office good the first is their son who want to feel important and they want all the power of words them. there's a second group and those folks a little off in the head. [laughter] but he said thursday their group who really want to make a difference. they really want to change the world for the better and i believe that represents you and all of you in this administration and leadership in our country.
9:29 pm
we americans say it seldom, but we should say far more often, thank you forgiving yourself for sacrificing, for living in glass houses, except in the constant barrage of criticism is very little praise, for being willing to risk everything in order to serve this country. thank you. [applause] this month marks as you know, the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. abraham lincoln has done us a great emancipator. i thought at the political emancipation story and a man named moses. as for effects on moses, either to lift up free ideas from his
9:30 pm
father that my speak to all of us today as leaders in our country and in some ways particular to those of you in the highest authority of our land. i began first with a hard and character of moses. there's two things we learned about mrs. hartman character in the scriptures. numbers of this moses is a humble man. god chooses and users those who humble themselves before him and before others. young mary, mother of jesus in her bag for cuts as god scatters the proud in their hearts, but was absolutely. jesus teaches the same thing when he turns to his disciples who were arguing the night before he would be crucified which one was the greatest and he says, you don't understand. that's had the kings of the world operate, but that is not how you operate. the first among you, the one who would be great would be your servant and then he watched his
9:31 pm
disciples feet. that is his humility was coupled with a deep compassion and courageous concerns for the marginalized and the oppressed. he was raised in pharaohs palace. he had everything a man could possibly want, but when he saw the plight of the hebrew slaves, he could not remain silent and he could not remain in the palace. ultimately, he risk his life to stand before a pharaoh and demand fairer release the slaves and he got them the wilderness towards the promised land. this is what got looks for in the scriptures for every king, every rabbi, every leader. he looks for those who will take seriously the cottage estes to do kindness coming to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. james has it this way, true religion undefiled before god is to care for the widows and the
9:32 pm
orphan and jesus as the last judgment all comes down to this, how did you respond to the needs of the least of these? this is america at our best. outer banks we are humble people and remember the call to have compassion for the least of these, which is why in this magnificent home in the statue of liberty or give me your tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free. the rest age, sending us, the homeless to me. i lift my lamp beside the golden door. humility and courageous compassion for the marginalized in the oppressed are central to the heart and character of those days and are meant to be central to the heart and character of this nation. the second thing we learned from those days is the importance of having a vision. professor john potter now retired from business school netted two of the most important tasks of any theater are to cast
9:33 pm
a compelling vision for the future and inspire and motivate people to burst do it. that vision has to be clear and compelling picture of where we want to go, our preferred picture of the future. moses led the slaves out of egypt, but that was not enough. quickly they crumbled and began to desire to dj for for their elites and cucumbers. it was safe there. wilderness is hard. moses had to constantly remind that the vision. he said were marching to the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey, where we can practice justice, where we can live in harmony. a compelling vision unifies us. it excites us. obese people to a willingness to sacrifice and abuse them with a sense of purpose. pottery suggested the average american company struggled with the lack of vision, a compelling vision at least.
9:34 pm
as a pastor to say mr. of liberal churches, congregations who don't remember their purpose may no longer see a compelling vision for the future. sadly, this toaster of america today. but our two-party system vision like mere political rhetoric and were typically offer two different visions competing with another, not one unifying vision. too many americans may feel like a house divided cannot stand. we find ourselves desperately longing to find common ground, to find a common vision, to be one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for everyone. in this city, and in this room are the people who can help. this may be, is bringing together our country, a month for me she's anything else and they because until we resolve our differences here or at least
9:35 pm
find a unifying vision that brings us together, we find it very difficult to solve problems are facing. debt ceiling commit issues of health care. proverbs knows this. but that is vision, the people perish. they don't literally perish. they just bickering by become so polarized they can't get anything done. we are in need of a new comment, national vision, not one solid democratic republic and peer beneath this one or two goals or dreams that americans on both sides can come together and say that's what it means to be american. that's where we need to go. god has given you a unique gift, mr. president, unlike any other present to you the ability to cast vision and inspire people. you should have been a preacher. [laughter]
9:36 pm
god actually has you exactly where god wants you. and yesterday county began to lay out a vision for us in your inaugural address that is very powerful in compelling. somewhere we've got to find and forge one or two dreams or visions that people on the right and left, republicans and democrats have come together and say we can stack cans on this. even just one or two. and you hinted to his site yesterday. we have to remember a picture of the promised land and let me do that, anything is possible in america. i offer one small example from the church i serve in kansas city. one of our visions of the church is to address root causes of poverty in kansas city so that her city might look like the kingdom of god that jesus preached upon. and when we begin to ask, how do you address root causes of poverty, what we learned is the one thing ever and grace upon his early childhood education. so we had a vision that we would
9:37 pm
work together with the public schools in kansas city to find a way to get the 2284 children in six elementary schools, where 90% of those children on the free or reduced lunch program a chance for a better future. we partner with schools and came and said we don't have the answers. we just saw for ourselves as servants. what you need? how can we help? this year 2500 members sauntered in could rebuild playgrounds but they didn't have playgrounds before. we repainted the inside of schools where they didn't have time to fix schools. our members volunteered his tutors to reach the children. we purchased 20,000 books and gave unto the children so they might might read at home. we found a 1400 children were coming to school on monday hungry over the weekend because they didn't have the reduced lunch program a home or we started providing backpacks for children with trisha snacks every friday. 1400 n-november spack and delivers the children come back to school monday said. when we learned 300 children
9:38 pm
sleep on the floor or couch in their homes, we provided 300 bats, delivery time, provided sheets and blankets and agendas for children. [applause] on christmas eve, our biggest night of the year at our church, we voted a number years ago to give away the entire christmas eve suffering two projects benefiting children in poverty and challenged members from which you consider an amount equal to what she's been under a children's christmas in the suffering? forget how to projects benefiting a thousand were friends and malawi and have two projects benefiting the 2284 children in kansas city. on christmas eve, our folks in one evening gave $1,235,000 to these projects. [applause] i mention not not to brag, though i impaired of our
9:39 pm
congregation, but to say that's one congregations with one vision that unifies this is a church with democrats and republicans would left and right, conservative, liberal, but somehow vision schools together into the future. they excite and they help change the world. the last thread i mentioned regarding mrs. is despite great opposition to his leadership and despite feeling discouraged many times, he never gave up. to be a leader is to invite criticism. if your sunday school teacher, though criticize you. supervisor at mcdonald's, though criticize you. a preacher, though criticize you. and i don't know how you're still standing. [laughter] it was not long after moses began to lead the children of israel out of egypt that they began to grumble against his leadership. four years said they dislike his policies so much a member trade to that amount of office. it was a close though, but
9:40 pm
somehow manage to keep his job. in numbers chapter 11, we read he went to the wilderness, a wonderful endearing story goes out to the wilderness and mrs. hanssen prays, god, just kill me now. [laughter] i don't want to do this anymore. it is too hard. but this is one-time god did not answer mrs. prayer. instead he said in essence, get back to work. i need you. i'm reminded in a january 1957 dr. king received a threatening phone call. his children were asleep, wife was asleep. that was his first phone call since the boycott. than many. his children wifely sleeping he thought he couldn't go on. at midnight, he bowed over the kitchen table and began to pray.
9:41 pm
i'm afraid, lord. the people are looking to me for leadership and if i stand before them with a strength and courage, day two will falter. i'm at the end of my powers, god. i have not seen last. i've come to the point where i can't face that allowed. and many describe something interesting happens next. i experienced the presence of the divine if they've never asked to god before. it seemed as though i could hear the quiet assurance of an inner voice saying stand up for righteousness, standiford chirped and god will be at your site forever. imagine if dr. king had batted of leadership because it got too hard. had he not sad to pray that night in d.c. god and feel god's
9:42 pm
reassurance, the themeless faith in the future of america. but in the service, we come together to acknowledge in order for america to have a future, we first need to find a deep and abiding faith in god. it is this fate because it compels us to humility and compassion and concern for the nobodies. it is a state that helps us discover the visions worthy of our great nation and worthy of the sacrifices we can make. if this faith that sustains us when we feel that giving up, a faith that comes from trusting the word of jesus who said hello, i am with you always come even to the end of the age. at end of story. during that are martin luther king weekend several years ago, they were conducting an interview with reverend billy kyles and many of them knows that dr. king when he died on the balcony of the hotel. the interviewer asked how i would he be preaching we can and
9:43 pm
a story you've undoubtedly heard before, but dares repeating today. paul telling the story of robert louis stevenson in an 18th century author, once told hello boys had been sitting in front i fall, watching the street lamps. he will light the lamp of the torch and take it down and go to the next one and next on and his father walked in the room and said what are you looking out the window? what do you see out there that is so fascinating? the young stevenson said daddy, i'm watching that an author not close in the darkness. there is a lot of darkness in our world. it has to be a compassionate people. to be concerned for the marginalized, help us rediscover a vision for america that is so compelling that it unites us and
9:44 pm
calls us to realize the full potential of this country to be a shining city upon a hill. and when you feel your lowest, don't give up. wait upon the word. he will renew your strength that she might lead us as a nation to knock holes in the darkness. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪
9:45 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:46 pm
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9:48 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
9:49 pm
>> almighty god, you have given us this good land as our heritage. make us always remember your generosity and constantly du jour well. bless our land with honest industry and an honorable way of life. save us from violence, and discord and confusion, from pride and arrogance and from every evil way. make us who come from many nations, with many different languages to united people. defend our liberties and give those whom we have entrusted with the daugherty of government the spirit of ways down that
9:50 pm
there may be just the same piece in our land. when times are prosperous, let our hearts be thankful and in troubled times, and do not let our trust in you fail. in your holy name we pray. >> as we join our prayers for those of the people across the nation, so we say, each in our own language, the prayer that jesus taught us. our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
9:51 pm
and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever. amen. be smart ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing]
9:52 pm
♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing]
9:53 pm
♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing]
9:54 pm
♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] ♪ [choir singing] [silence] >> allah, the lord, bless you
9:55 pm
and keep you. >> the holy one makes god face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. >> the lord lift up his upon you. >> would you kindly join hands with your neighbor. let us look to god. and i dreamed a dream. i saw a lan and on the hills
9:56 pm
walked to men and women, boys and girls, hand in hand. they were diverse in background, and variegated in their humanity yet they let into each other's eyes and they're not afraid. so i said to the wind standing beside me, what is this? the answer came, it is the kingdom of god interviewed with love and justice. and so i asked, where is this? it exists already in the hearts of those who have the courage to believe in struggle and so i asked, when is this?
9:57 pm
the ring in reply was this when we learn this and are of loving one another as sisters and brothers, so teaches god to love one another, ever mindful that the realization of love in the realm of the republicans just to send peace. or is your servant, dirk are martin luther king junior said from this very full page in his very last sunday's sermon, we must all learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we will all perish together as fools. then we confess they state that we are tied in a single garment of destiny, cut up and in and escape a bowl that affects one directly affects all indirectly.
9:58 pm
and so, just a wee wee commit ourselves to the beloved community. gracious god, bless her president, barack obama, our vice president joseph biden and their families with good health and every spiritual grace. bless our congress and our courts. bless these united states of america. transform the jangling discourse of our nation into a beautiful symphony of the human family. and through us, meatier than all the families of the earth be blessed. to the god who loves us in to freedom and free assessing to loving. we offer this prayer, and then.
9:59 pm
hard knock [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ [choir singing] [choir singing] [choir singing]
10:00 pm
♪ [choir singing] .. ♪ [choir singing]
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♪ [choir singing]
10:02 pm
♪ [choir singing] on c-span2 a group of conservative congressman discuss the federal budget and debt.
10:03 pm
indiana governor delivers the state of the state address. and senate leaders discuss the agenda for the 113th congress. coming up on "washington journal," congressman steve, freshman democrat from nevada to discuss the priorities and issues before the 113th congress. including spending, immigration, and gun control. he's followed by congressman liter i are. republican from nebraska. he'll be here to talk about the decision by the state governor approve the rerouting of the keystone pipeline through the state and the potential economic impact. [inaudible]
10:04 pm
it's hard to realize now twenty five years if -- in a way after the stalin years and the crew and automatic the sort of thing. soviets were very foreign to us, you know. after some of the things that happened, why we thought they were pretty aggressive people and i won't simon steers, but they probably thought we were monsters. so we very quickly broke through that because when you deal with people that are in the same line of work as you are, why and, and you're around them far short time, why you discover that
10:05 pm
human beings . >> this weekend on american history tv. oral histories, poll low nasa restaurant on the 1980 meeting of astronauts in space. on sunday c-span3. a group of conservative republicans in congress will be holding a series of monthly meetings with the press called conversation of conservatives. this first hour on meeting focused on the federal budget and debt ceiling. [inaudible conversations]
10:06 pm
thank you for joining us. i know, some people are coming in. we're going get things started in the interest of time. for another event in the room. it's great to be here. my name is rob i'm the directer of digital media. we do this monthly conversations with conservatives heritage has been a patter in of this. we're doing it in conjunction with the weekly bloggers. we are doing it today. we are live streaming the event on the heritage foundation live stream page. those watching online with tweet us acwc1113. we have four members so far. we'll have a few others join us in a few minutes. david schweikert from arizona, congressman duncan from south carolina and massey from kentucky. i thought i would begin and get to the questions in moment.
10:07 pm
if you care to weigh in on the particular things coming up this week no budget no pay plan outlined at close of last week coming out retreat if you want to share your thoughts on how it's going play out. >> well, i started off by saying it's been 1,364 days today since the senate has done a job pass the tbrujt nation. frame the small business community. i ran a business for sixteen years, and i had to do a budget every year. now when i was working alone it was just jeff and i department have any employees. budgeting was a lot easier. but i still had to figure out where i was last year on the expenditure. where i anticipated to be in the coming year on my income, and try to make it balance. and to come to washington and see a dysfunctional senate, to
10:08 pm
see a harry reid run senate that won't plan for the future and for it to be 1364 days. i keep a running tally. every day on my appointment card, my staff gives me, we have at the top, how many days it's been since the senate passed a budget. last year 1990 was the 1 -- state of the union was 1,000 i.t. day. i wore a button around that had a thowpped days on it. i'm glad to see we're shining the light on the fact senate has not done the job. for the last two years we have seen time after time after time with the house lead by the republicans have done the responsible thing for america. we have passed good energy legislation, passed good budgeting legislation, we set priority for the nation, but yet they fail to go anywhere in the senate.
10:09 pm
and so with that, i yield. >> thank you, congressman duncan. i agree with your comments. we might come to a different vote tomorrow. and frankly we have to have a budget. but raising the debt ceiling for a budget to be named later is to be something i probably won't be able to vote for. we're trying to follow that -- understands that. we have sequester. the resequencing is interesting only washington can that be a word. we were trying to resequence what is going on here. but one thing that i still remain concerned about, after two years up here, i think washington is broke. it's dysfunctional certainly on the senate side unable to pass a budget. the president is going late on the budget. it's dysfunctional when just a few days ago this house
10:10 pm
authorized $50 billion in spending. most of which won't be spent until 2015, and i'll just say when i visit with constituency at home, this is the worst they have come to expect in washington is when the debt settles at the end of the day. washington no matter who seems to be in charge is going to spend more money than the year before. they are going to borrow more money. and so we'll have hopefully that debate the next two or three months. but the sequester, by the way, is law. there's no need to debate about sequester. that's the law. i don't know how we win by somehow suggesting there's debate over sequester. certainly we have an opportunity here hopefully to force the senate to face a budget. again the bill does not require the house and senate to agree to a budget which is the purpose of the 1974 act. we can't hold each other accountable for that. i think that should be an integral part of that. >> scwes -- to 974 which is
10:11 pm
someone that conservative have been pushing for the government spending, shrink the size of the scope of government. we have challenges ahead. the bill that the representative from kansas mentioned a minute ago, was the -- i put up and amendment that could cut a paltry $1 million. that was $1 million. not a b. $1 million from that. which was a plus up. it was an earmark for legal services corporation. we weren't zeroing out lsc. we were taking away the earmark, and it failed on the house floor. and if that's any indication of the resolvable it will have to truly cut spending, i guess i'm doubtful. >> one followup question. is there a commitment to balance the budget in ten years or will there be a commitment from the
10:12 pm
republican throip do that? >> look, one of the reasons in this one is going hard for me. sorry about that. i have actually had members, who shall we say those in power. those with the influence look me in the eye and say, this house will produce a budget that balanced in ten years. and there's going some tough stuff in there. but it's telling the truth. it's reality. look, i know a bunch of you in here many of you are very smart and good writers. time to take one step sideways and deal with the reality of what's going on around us. we were doing math yesterday we think we have 110 million americans on some sort of means tested welfare program. january 1st next year we get another 25 million americans
10:13 pm
with obamacare moving in to that welfare system. and this isn't medicare, this isn't social security. so you're heading toward a time where over half your population is on one of these programs. and this is just what is going on. this is automatic. it's happening around us. it's our world. unless we do something fairly dramatic and find some path to get to where we lay out a budget set, we can save ourselves and here's how we do it. are you willing to gate promise to do that? and for myself, i may about to make one of the hardest votes in my life, because i'm trusted that look in our eye saying schweikert you're going to get it in ten years. and imagine the fire storm which people start to understand the truth and real any the numbers.
10:14 pm
>> [inaudible conversations] >> my daughter calls me a freshman because i got here early two months early. i have taken tough votes already. it's going to be the toughest vote i've had since i've gotten here. because there a lot of things to like in the strategy. leadership is the assured we're going to be on a path to a ten-year balance budget. they're going introduce a budget that balances in ten years. the previous that would balance in 2040. that's something to look forward to. the cr assurance is going to be limited to 974 that's the discretionary spending. the sequester will happen. i voted for it to happen had when it was spoased to happen which was january 2nd. if we can get it to happen at the end of the two-month extension. that's a good thing. we'll get the senate on record, we'll make them produce a budget. those are things to like about this. but i'm still having a lot of
10:15 pm
reservations about raising the debt limit for three months clean. it's a hard thing to do. i think the problem is, if you are willing to raise it for three months unconditionally, why wouldn't you raise it for six months unconditionally. if you raise it for three months, what prince billions do you stand on to keep you from raising it again? and i'm concerned that when we send this over at the senate, and to the senate exposed our reservation price is free, they're going to come back and ask for something when it gets back to the house again. it's going to get ping ping-ponged back and forth. it's going to be interesting to see how many democrats vote for the clean extension of the debt. >> let's open it to your questions. yes? [inaudible]
10:16 pm
[inaudible] in danger with the party. something that makes it -- [inaudible conversations] >> on this one i want to take you substantially different direction. i believe actually it might be the reverse of how you are articulated the question. we actually have had a lot of societies and amendments over the last few years why -- where we stood up and done statements. we have run statement bills and stood on, you know, -- and we haven't gotten much. actually to happen now do you
10:17 pm
start to say here is our philosophy. here is where we with. we understand what is going on with the debt and deficit of the destruction. we have a bunch of debt deniers over in the senate that look -- this the dealt devastation is coming is comping. do we have an obligation to actually get a piece of legislation all the way to the president's desk where we goat start to bend the curve? something beyond the messaging bill to the accomplishment. that's going the battle. >> chad, you asked if it was a test. test -- [inaudible] of the conservatives in the conference. i would say it's really most conservatives are willing to suspend disbelief and trust the leadership right now. we're going to have a conservative outcome after the past three months. so it's a task that this new
10:18 pm
pack, if you will, of leadership to get to a ten year balance budget to hold the cr974 we'll see if the things come to pass. and, you know, i certainly hope they do. i will submit to you it's more of a test what the leadership is going do than it is of the conservative element. i would say it's a test for conservatives across america to challenge leadership and this congress to truly embrace an idea of a balance budget. and stand behind that, and also shine the light on the senate in the fact they're not doing that their job. i think it's a test for all of us. not so much just us in the conservative here. but conservatives within the conference. test on leadership, and i think it's a test for conservatives across america to really -- i guess rally behind something and support something that seems to have reform efforts to.
10:19 pm
it and that is a pathway to a 10 year balance budget. >> i think there's been too much waiting on the part of republicans. waiting for republicans to control the senate. waiting for republicans to control the white house, and there hasn't been enough persuading of the american people. and it's very difficult to move a conservative agenda if the public is not behind you. and right now i think our messaging is not been very strong. and the public is not behind us. and that's a real problem for our party. >> a couple of comments to followup as well. first on the political reality and we've had in the last few months essential the hastert rule hasn't applied. if it passes tomorrow the boehner rule wouldn't not apply any more. there is a couple of things that guided the republicans in the last two years, or the last
10:20 pm
decade and that raises the flags for me. but i think it's not republicans that are looking for relevance. i think it's washington as a whole looking for relevance. we're running trillion dollar deficits. and for what would be the fifth straight year and the reality is s&p is downgraded us. they have sent the downgrade possibility sent notice. and we're still acting as if it's still 1995 or 2000 where we aren't running trillion dollar deficits. and but -- i hope it's not the case, but if in the meantime with all of these games as we move around the messaging and try to figure out resequencing and everything. if moon anies follows through the threat that america is not a credit rating -- worthy of aaa credit rating. that's the serious reality. you have the political reality and the economic real fip i hope it doesn't happen.
10:21 pm
i don't know how long question continue 0 to go on. i don't think we have ten years to actually somehow find a path to balance. i think we need move more quickly. but originally i was asked the question i think rob is there a 10-year balance budget proposal in there? i don't know the answer to that. i'm not for sure. we don't have the numbers from the cbo. i think our leadership has to have committed to that there was difference answers from different leaders. privately and publicly. i think they have to hold a 10-year balance budget. you don't started at ten. you start at seven, you know, and so you to negotiate with the president who never wants to balance the budget. but last year's proposal was 26 years was balance budget proposal from the republicans. the rsc was seven. the president's never. how are we going get to ten? that's huge movement on the republican side as well. it has to be done. i think we need to be looking at
10:22 pm
roc budget of seven to eight years before we are serious about going conference with a senate and going through the budget process if we want to end up at ten years. there's big changes to the paul ryan budget plan to get the ten years. that will come on the medicare side. that will be a big, tough change on the house side. >> here in a moment. he an online question coming in why you referenced the private conversations you about en10--year balance. why haven't they been public that have come out? there's more to this. it's also that 974 number that is statute it continue to stay. this somewhat comes back to your question. relevance right now may be for those influence those with the
10:23 pm
power of leadership. when they look members like myself in the eyes. and say here is where this goes. we're going have the budget committee produce a ten year balance budget. we are going stand behind those dollar amounts in the sequestration legislation. we're going hold firm in many ways 90 dais it's going the ultimate test of the relevant sei with those we trust in the leadership positions. and i believe there would be hell to pay they squanderrered this. >> yes, sir? [inaudible]
10:24 pm
we know and on everything until i persuaded to vote yes. [laughter] i think that's the responsible thing to do as a legislator. you should start at no and be persuaded to vote yes. i'm not persuaded yet. but i'm open-minded. >> i'm trying to get to yes, but i'm not there. i can't get to yes on this. and again, i'm going vote on principle and i understand the principle of the next three months, but i believe that every vote you take should stand on principle. i'm having a hard time with the principles of this first vote standing on its own. >> i'm probably over the weekend i'll lean yes, i'm probably sliding back to more undecided no because of we have get the text of the bill over the weekend. we started asking some questions. after you read the text there are questions that come to mind. if i get those answered appropriately, which i hope do by this afternoon at the
10:25 pm
conference meeting. could change my mind. i'm probably undecided at this point. >> part of the question was what other assurances in the and certainly the ten-year plan was referenced as referenced earlier. i would like to be at ten years. you can't start at ten if you want to end up at ten. intelligent essentially a messaging document, and it's if the house is going to be serious about the 10-year plan. it's time we bring a tax plan to the vote. it would have helped us in the election if we rehab a tax bill on the floor and the medicare bill. the tax plan and last year's budget was i think about one page. not even one page. there's a lot more heavy lifting than one-page tax plan. i think republicans could do ourselves good by providing leadership, outlining what a real program tax policy looks like and pass it is through the house. same way with medicare and other entitlement reforms and secure
10:26 pm
medicare and medicaid and social security. it's one thing to have a paragraph in the budget. it's another thing to pass things on the floor. i think it's time that we actually took that chance and put out what we're for and detailed manner. because these are serious times. it's not about gains before the next election. it's a games with our credit worthiness long-term. >> i think it's important to point out that one of the reasons leadership may be able to shorten the years to balance because the recent tax increases. so it's not just a structure change in what we're doing. it's there have been tax increases. so if taxes were lowered again, then that might change the picture. and, you know, i think we haven't been given enough assurances that once you reach the balance within ten years, that you stay at balance or near balance. and don't just bounce off the
10:27 pm
bottom and go back off to deficit. it's possible you can balance at year ten and have deficits going on until year 20 or 25. so it's important understand those structure issues. [inaudible] >> do you think the republican leaders are right now should be accommodating the president and trying to -- [inaudible] the agenda and just -- [inaudible] and i think we need to go on the deferencive and -- defensive and stand on our principle. no spending happens unless it's approved by the house. i think we need to be ready to stand firm on that. i wouldn't take the defensive posture even though he's -- [inaudible]
10:28 pm
very bold in the statements yesterday. >> mr. labrador, we were lonely without you. >> it's good to be here. >> how many of you didn't listen but actually read the president's speech? if you read it on paper, and try not to hear it in the voice, but just read the word, it's in many ways, i've heard that exact same speech dozens and dozens of dozens of time from hard lest activist. it sounded like every standardized left-wing speech. and if you start to dice it, okay, if you're after social justice, damn it, a job of growing economy social justice. not trying to manipulate a society, not trying to vote for a collectivist society. there are fairly radically different visions here on what create freedoms and the social justice. what creates the opportunity.
10:29 pm
and i think we as the conservatives, as those who are defenders of the freedom, have to constantly be pushing. etch when we're running against the brick wall. we have to keep running in to it until we knock parts of it down. because heaven for bid, if this president were to get his vision of the agenda, what would the country look like four years from now? [inaudible] talk little bit more about the tax component of the republican agenda. when you talk about tax reform, -- [inaudible] >> one of the nice things that some of us enthused and you'll actually hear chairman camp being more vocal, i believe, at least this is what i'm here --
10:30 pm
hearing. they spent two years holding hearings and collecting information about what a much broader base, lower rate, a lot less, you know, sorry to throw some aqainses under the bus within lobbiest-created carveout special extenders in the tax quote would look like. and why do we want to embrace such a thing? because it maximized economic growth. we, if we're the party of economic growth, we need to blow up the tax code. and -- it's finally it's becoming part of our common discussion now that this needs to be the year where we radically change the tax code so we can actually start to grow the economy. >> what was the last part of your question? >> [inaudible] components are -- [inaudible] >> one thing that was discussed at the retreat and republicans have been discussing since the
10:31 pm
early 1930's is the issue of wall street versus bank street. clearly in the last election with the candidate that the republicans still look like party of wall street. when it was both parties that bailed out wall street. in any, any tax policy has to deal with main street. it has to deal with families and small business. the difficulty, i think we have going in is i think the american people are looking at the last tax policy that just passed, kept all the carveout and the extenders and the special tax provision for folks who lobbiest and connections to wall street and republicans said all along for two years, we didn't believe in that anymore. and i think it's high time we bring out a policy and have a full debate on the floor about these handout and tax subsidizes and gosh darn it, i'm going to be fighting for main street and the president has been able to position himself that way even though he voted to sign the bill
10:32 pm
with the handout. i believe if we want to get the economy growing again. it doesn't start at wall street. it starts at main street and america with small businesses. and the republicans have had difficulty with that. i think washington has had difficulty. every said they're for small business in this town but they worry about boeing and worry about wind subsidizes for $12 billion and forget the small business impact. that's one goal i have. i think it's a party-wide goal or should be. that, you know, republicans should be the party. that's the history standing for the small guy. not the guy on wall street. >> you were talking about how -- [inaudible] you were also talking about evening the cuts in your own budget. what gives you the confidence for the majority of the -- [inaudible] that budget could pass in the vote and on a broader level --
10:33 pm
[inaudible] republican majority. you cannot -- [inaudible] >> the premise of your -- we have been able to pass bills for two years out of the house of representatives with just the republican majority. the issue that we need to address in our conference what we talked about at the retreat and talking about for the last couple of weeks. we neat to -- need start governing from a conservative perspective. i don't know what everybody else said the deal we're going do tomorrow. i'm actually okay with what leadership is doing right now. because they actually have an agenda, the agenda is to get to balance in ten years. to have a balance budget not just to pass a budget that balances in ten years, but to actually achieve balance in ten years. if you look at what we're going do. we're going pass a throw, or four month extension of the debt ceiling. we're going get to the fight on
10:34 pm
the sequestration and hold the line on the sequestration. it's a promise that our leadership is making to us. and as long as they keep that promise, i think many conservatives are going to be okay with that. then if we when we get to the debt ceiling fight, we're going to ask for at the minimum the one for one cuts that comes from the boehner rule for any long-term debt keeling extension. so if we look at that, it means that in ten to fifteen years, with very little help from the democrats question actually achieve a balance budget. which is much better than the 23 to 27-years thapt paul ryan budget gave us. and much better than the never-balancing budget that obama and the democrats have proposed for the last four years. so you look at all the data out there, all of the public opinion polls say that the american people think we're spending too much money. that the american people think
10:35 pm
that we are tackings too much. the problem is as republicans i think it goes to representative said as republicans we have seen as the party of big business. we should never be the party of big business. we should be the party of individuals. the party that helps individuals have a fair share. we have a system that is unfair too small businesses to individuals. we have a tax system that is unfair. we have a regulatory system that is unfair. and when republicans webb once again start talking about mainstream about small business about individuals, that is what we're going win the fight. if we keep representing big business and everybody comes out of the of the house that we're just worried about what job creators. i always tell the joke, we use the term job creators in the republican conference. i think the only people who use the term job creators are
10:36 pm
republican congressman. there's knob in america who talks about they wake up in the morning and say i'm worried about the job creators. [laughter] there's nobody in america who talks that way except for republican congressman. we need to start talking about families and individuals once again. and make sure our families make it easier and smoother for families and individuals. that our policy make it easier for families and individuals to be successful in america. i wrote a news letter out of my office about three weeks ago, three or four weeks ago, and i talked about the theme of big business and big government. big businesses love big government and the reason they love big government is because they're the only ones who can afford all the regulations and all the requirements that come out of the washington, d.c. small businesses cannot afford that. individual businesses cannot afford that. but big businesses can. and they can actually thrive in
10:37 pm
an environment where there's more regulation and more taxes. in fact, look at what happened a couple of weeks ago. the business round table came to washington and said raise taxes on individuals as long as you lower taxes on corporations. as long as we don't do that and protect big businesses we're going have a hard time as republicans being the party that actually gets a majority. and presidential races. [inaudible] balance in ten years and the -- [inaudible] majority of republicans so that a ten year balance budget has to cut more than the -- [inaudible] think about this.
10:38 pm
for leadership to look at you and we're going do a ten-year budget which in many ways is the roc tbrujt last year, plus you have to understand, there's been another year of erosion in the numbers because of what the administration has done. it's -- this is going to be our position as the conference. that's actually one of the beautiful things here. i think they can't. when you put that up and say this is the budget for the team, and many of us on the conservative side are often fussed at for why didn't you play nice we are the team. well, we'll always play great with the team when we're doing what is conservative. what happens when the number is conservative budget? >> i would caution this again that the revenue baseline have changed. so that changes the window for balance, and in fact under the
10:39 pm
last house budget, i believe it almost achieved a balance in a fairly short period of time that it went back up. so that's why you get to the almost thirty-year balance. so if the revenues change a little bit. you might actually hit balance. the question is whether it stays at balance. are you also looking at static scoring from the them rick? >> shake your head on it. that has to be part of that. in order to be a serious budget. it would have to include the cbo score on the outside model as a way to plus it up. it's a difficult especially when the budget last year had maybe 120 votes, i guess less than half. i'm not sure what the number was. it will take significant changes in medicare. we haven't done before in the idea we couldn't touch folks that are 55 and older.
10:40 pm
and that i think that would have to move as well. by sequencing the votes, the fights over sequestration and shut down, possibly. are trying to focus the fight on the government shut down, which arguably might be a lower stakes fight. do you feel that you're giving up leverage or is that a good way to proceed? >> patrick henry once said, and in a very important time of our history are, he said the war is inevitable. let it come. and there is a battle. i talked earlier about the threat of a downgrade and can we afford to wait three months out? i'm concerned about that. and concerned about the timing and how long we can wait. i spent first two years, i think like many of my colleagues saying gosh darn it. we have to move quickly.
10:41 pm
because we can't wait two years. i still hear any colleagues this weekend certain colleagues say you know when we get a new president we'll do something about it. i don't know if we can wait three months. i'm serve we can't wait four years. and my particular concern about the timing and waiting to have that battle. again, if we are going to pass through the house and assume the senate could agree to it, raising the debt ceiling for an unspecified amount, sometimes where in the future we're going have battle over that. that has is yet to be determined what exactly that looks like and i did hear an answer to that question. i asked privately over the last few days. >> i'm an eternal optimist, so i actually think it's fine to resequence what we doing right now. as long as we get the promise from leadership that they are going stick to the principles
10:42 pm
and to the goals that we have set forth. and my message to leadership has been pretty clear. the goals is not to have a balance budget, the goal is to have a budget that balances in ten years. the goal is to have a path to a balance budget. so if all they're going do is they're going to resequence everything so we can have a republican budget past the hoacht. we don't need to resequence anything -- if we're going stick too our fighting principles which is e s we have a -- government that the american people are with us on this. and they're just reconsequencessing because they're worried about having a fight over the debt ceiling right now they would rather have a fight over the debt ceiling. i don't have a problem with that. i need to hear that commitment and what we've been asking and they're going to be asked again today at the conference meeting to make the commitment that we're going be on a path to
10:43 pm
balance in ten years. and if they're willing to fight with us on that, i think i can stand for that. >> thank you. we talked a lot about the 10-year balance -- [inaudible] what specifically does that mean. replace the cuts with other cuts or are they just going let the sequester take effect? what is your understanding? >> the number is 9 eu7 with the -- 9874 with the sequester. it's sticking to that number letting the sequester take effect or replacing the, you know, the cuts and military and other programs. with other cuts that cut us to 974. it's stick to the 974 number, which i believe was the roc number last year in our budget.
10:44 pm
if we can get the democrats to agree with us doing the reform or manned story programs, we're willing to shift some of that to mandatory. >> and look, i would be elated to see a movement to the mandatory. if you look at the map, the mandatory what consume us as a people. if came to you today and said $100 savings in discretionary or $100 in mandatory? you take the mandatory. because it has a very powerful multiplier to effect future. if you have any modifications to the sequester, only on the
10:45 pm
decision their side, then the replacement cuts have to happen in the same time period. one of the problems we've had is when replacement cuts are suggested, it's they are spread out over five years or ten years rather than within the same time period as the original cuts. [inaudible] immigration reform. >> well, as many of you know, i was in immigration lawyer for fifteen years, and i believe we need to have a modern immigration system. we need to have a system that works if the future. in fact, i just left the judiciary committee meeting with the republicans and the judiciary committee. one of the things we're going talk about is something i agree with. having a fair immigration system that works for america. and really, that's what we need
10:46 pm
to be talking about right now. is how with we going change the immigration system so fifteen years from now, twenty years from now we're not talking about again about the same issues we're disusdzing today. what are we going do with the 12 million people here that are. what are we going do with the kids who came here with no fault of their own. we have to figure it out. the key is having a fair system. it has to be fair to the people that are currently in the system, it has to be fair to the people that are here illegally but most importantly, i think it's a key for conservative and republicans it has to be fair to the american people. and i think if we can reform the immigration system and have border enforcement so the american people can feel confident that we're not going to be gitting this -- debating this issue for the next fifteen or twenty years. i think we can have an immigration reform that pass the house of representatives with the conservative vote and hopefully will pass the senate. i'm not sure that democrats, to
10:47 pm
this day i'm not sure democrats want to reform the immigration system. they have a political tool every two years to attack republicans on. and the question that you guys need to ask the democrats is if they want to have a political victory, or if they want to have a policy vict pry. -- victory. if they want to have a political victory. they're going to try to blame us for immigration reform not passing. if they want to have a policy victory, then they're going work with conservatives in the house and senate to pass an immigration reform plan that modernizes the immigration system and gets to us to path that all americans think the system is fair. >> i personally am opposed to the path way to citizenship. i believe we should have a pathway. the current pathway to citizenship works. what we need to do is have a path probably what i call a path way to legal status. so people in the shadows right
10:48 pm
now can actually come out of the shadows and participate in the current existing citizenship process that we already have. -- [inaudible] have a chance -- [inaudible] secretary clin and as of yet the real issues have not come to the table fully why is the obama administration actively arming and supporting known al qaeda fighters in libya which was responsible for the attack during the overthrow of georgia gadhafi -- [inaudible] rand paul made a -- what was the question. i want to say senator rand paul made a statement calling it an special fast and furious. promising there would be hard questions in the senate. it obviously applies to the
10:49 pm
house foreign affairs. i would like to know -- [inaudible] with the oversight government reform committee. it could be obama's watergate. how far will you take it. >> watch the hearing tomorrow. i believe the questions american people want asked will be asked. i anticipate me personally asking me asked pointed questions how the secretary. i have questions as an american taxpayer and citizens. i was surprised this weekend after what happened in algeria that the secretary panetta said we're going go after the guys that were responsible for killing these americans that were working. what about going after the guys that killed our ambassador? and killed two guys that served our country and our military? you know, and posted that on facebook. i was dumbfound at the fact he would make the statement and they have been quite about the death of four americans in libya. and so america has a lot of
10:50 pm
questions. what exactly was going on at so the-called consulate in benghazi. it was a special mission. what was the mission? and if we're spending money, all around the world giving money away to a lot of countries that don't like us very much, why are we spending noun -- why aren't we spending money to guard the americans who leave their family to work in the foreign services. shouldn't our priorities be to make sure that americans are protected first before we give american tax dollars to countries that don't like us much. these are questions with have to request. i believe america is frustrated frustrated with this, the executive order, "fast and furious." i think there are thing interconnected. >> i think there are a lot of questions that for me unanswered as jeff pointed out.
10:51 pm
ultimately what are we going do to frecht going forward. not what can we gain politically. inevidently our tentacles go so far in foreign policy. it's inevitable we're going find plays we funded people who are actually against this. as you know, i prefer less foreign involvement. >> another question from the web. the president talked about climate change. it's not something that we've heard a lot about in the debates that you've been discussing over the past hour or so. your thoughts on where it might go in the 113th congress? >> my instinct what you heard in the president's inauguration speech, he was trying to basically throw a bone to every left-wing activist group he could and so start to think about this more from this white house. they received so much pressure
10:52 pm
from labor and those who want the economy to grow like the keystone pipeline. and companies that want like solyndra. you start to see the gains being played. and this goes back to my earlier discussion. if you actually just read the speech and wrote side notes and says it's for this constituency and make this group money, if i do a keystone pipeline vote over here and allow it to go. i better throw some red meat to the environmentalist activists. i'm sorry if you dice up the speech, he's playing all of the different subsequent constituencies and even the left-wing constituency. it's brilliant manipulation. but it's wedge politics. an the form of welfare and so the so-called "green jobs" and
10:53 pm
funding money to the political insiders at the expense of ordinary americans. >> i was disappointed he blamed the drought on human activity and to say that we're denying the evidence of scientists and somebody with with scientist-type background, i took oven at that. i would challenge him to show us the linkage between descrowt about change of weather and in some kind of human activity. >> it's not like you're an myth grad. oh wait. you are. a couple of things. run for president. i don't see any this that have language passing through the house and so it will be the rule of the executive order potentially through white house. but the m.i.t. grad bridges up the science today as we stand on the 0th ankers are i are of -- 40th ankers anniversary of roe
10:54 pm
v. wade the -- meanwhile we have the debate over other science as well. what if they do to bring that up? >> clearly the administration likes to use the regulatory agency as a bludgeon and play to the constituency. if they wanted to make sure that i would vote for this debt ceiling increase. they could atacht rains act to it. which my predecessor got passed through the house. but stick that and send to the senate and say it's a reasonable proposal. it's going help the economy. >> we need wrap up. we can take a couple of more questions. >> following on that. -- from the house and senate this spring. will you seek out the funding of planned parenthood. >> that will will be in the
10:55 pm
appropriations process. there have been two bills introdisused by the house and there's an effort to -- mike the governor of indiana and so there will be an't cod effort. you would think out of 3.7 trillion budget we could find somewhere to cut and certainly that's one good place to start. >> if any finalized budget will you support it or vote against it. with the budget there's two things going on. one is the budget doesn't specify much of anything other than numbers on the page. then we go through various appropriations bills. the problem we had is appropriations bill haven't come out of the committee and haven't a chance to debate on the floor. i presume we'll have a full debate on that and the house will continue the policy of the defunding planned parenthood. that's one specific part of one appropriations bill. thank you.
10:56 pm
[inaudible] think question bring it back. if i were sitting back -- [inaudible] >> we're not being had for it. nothing in return. we are asking for a number of in one. of course going to pass a budget this year. if you believe the pressure is not getting to them. you're not watching. i think the pressure is getting for them. for chuck schumer to say they were going to pass a budget anyway tells you the strategy might be working. however your question is very
10:57 pm
valid. because i have a same concerns. you know, they have caved every single time in the last two years. and i have made it very explicit to them that i'm with them on the issue because i believe there's -- i believe there's statements they're not going to cave again. but that day cave again they're going to have some problems in the house. it they going to have -- because there's a large number of members of the house of representatives and house members dissatisfied with what is hooping. and they're believing that the leadership is changing what they, you know, the strategy changing their negotiation tactic. i'm optimistic. like i said before, i think they have to prove themselves. leadership comes not from the demanding leadership it comes from having the people you're leading trust you. that's the only way you can follow is if you have trust in your leadership. i don't have that trust 100%. what i also -- i believe enough
10:58 pm
that they want to change and i want to give them the trust. the trust will only come if they stick to their pribs. s. now the way it works, according the discussions i've with with paul ryan an others we stick to the sequesters the next ten years and stoict minimum one for one the boehner rule we get to balance budget in ten to twelve years or something like that. by sticking to the two things the sequester, and the one for one rule, we get to a balance budget sooner than we would have if we don't do anything else. i want to move the world quickly i'm willing to move it in inches. it we're moving in that direction in inching. i'm voting to follow the lead. that's not required of the senate. they might have a 75 year
10:59 pm
budget. they may have no medicare reform. and again, if i understand correctly in the act there's no requirement we follow through with the conferencing and actually working out a budget we can hold ourself to. that's in the act. that's a law. that's always a law by april 15. it's the bill -- i think it's time for the senate to think of budget. actually show the american people the color of their stripes. they have been insulated by a house republicans by us passing bills ha harry reid said wouldn't pass the senate. preconference billings dropped in our lap at the end of the crisis when we were getting ready to shut down the government or hit the default position. i think this is good from the standpoint we're going force the senate to actually debate on the floor of the senate. a lot only see the floor when they vote. i want to see them debating and standing before the american people and talking about their


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